About Us


Marc Merritt is the President of the Company.   
Marylene Teopengco-Merritt is the Treasurer of the Company.

The Company's Legal Name is M&M Fine Jewelry & Gems Inc. doing business as MM Fine Jewelry and Gems

Marc is a very avid collector of gems, minerals and jewelry.  He has been collecting since he was 10 years old and presently maintains an impressive mineral collection.   

In 2006, he donated 400+ mineral specimens to the Sterling Hill Mining Museum in New Jersey.  Also,  Marc has completed the GIA's Full Diamond Grading Program and as such he is fully capable of evaluating the grade and quality of any Diamond.  Marc is also has completed a major portion of the GIA's Graduate Gemologist program.  Given Marc's long history collecting gems and minerals, this is a natural progression for him.

About the GIA:  This is the foremost Gemological Laboratory in the world. The GIA established the Diamond Grading System in the 1950's and it is used the world over as the standard in Diamond Grading.

Marc has fashioned many of the items himself and has contracted to have them manufactured through our contacts at very reasonable prices.  Please check back on the website as we will be posting additional photos of  jewelry items periodically.   

Lastly, we generally strive to use very high-quality gemstones and diamonds (at least VS quality if not better) but we can use SI quality or Lab grown diamonds as well.  Whatever you desire.